Instructions to make pillows of old shirts

Make a pet pillow from an old sweater
November 22, 2017
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Instructions to make pillows of old shirts

Children sometimes have the problem to realize that they have grown up their favorite T-shirt. We, grown-ups, sometimes have a problem that we have picked up the favorite shirt. Instead of throwing these t-shirts we have an idea of ​​what to do with them. Make pillows!

Turning your shirt into a pillow is quick and easy. You just need a little time and will.

You need: scissors, needles, pillow filling, sewing machine or needle and the thread will also serve. The size of the pillow depends on the size of the shirt.

Based on the size of the cushion, first cut the back side. Cut off the bottom of the shirt in the shape of a rectangle. The torso at the bottom of the shirt will serve as the center of the back of the pillow. The length should be a third of the side pillow.

Then cut the front of the cushion, which should be made of one piece. They should now have three parts of the future pillow.

Place the front of the pillow with a picture facing up, place the rear parts of the pillow on top of it so that the stitch is facing up.

Connect pillow joints with pins. The edge must be folded in the middle of the rear. At the end of the sewing machine, seal the edges of the pillow. To avoid pairing, use the zigzag machine’s sewing function.

In the end, it’s only left to take out the pillow and put a pillow in it.

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