Make a pillow for the garden bench

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February 22, 2017
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Make a pillow for the garden bench

For making this pillow for the garden bench, you do not need a sewing machine or needle and thread, but glue.

Two lanes of about 1 m approx., Folded in half
Vatelin for upholstery of pillows
Iron and ironing board
cushion pillow cushion1

How to make a pillow for the garden bench

Step 1:

Place the fabric on the bench. Tilt it and chalk a mark on the cutting line.

Step 2:

Cut off the excess of the fabric.

Step 3:

Split the fabric face up. Mark the place where you want to tape the tape. Fold two strips in half so that the folded part is treated with the back of the fabric and then seal them.

Step 4:

Before clinging the fabric, it is necessary to place it on a flat surface, to strap both strips and fold the right side of the bird left to get the shape of the pillow. Apply the adhesive to the edges of the fabric, but leave the opening of 30 cm in the middle of the back, through which you will fill the pillow with a vateline. When you fasten two sides, the fabric should be facing upward.

Step 5:

Press 2 edges together using a flat object, for example, lenjira.

Step 6:

Press the edges until the heated iron is firmly attached to the heated iron.

Step 7:

Rotate the face of the fabric outdoors and cut the vatten that you will put inside the pillow.

Step 8:

Insert the vatten into the cushion and then seal the opening.

Step 9:

Press the hot spout to seal. Place the pillow on the bench and enjoy sitting.

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