Pillow: A decoration that changes space

Make a pillow for the garden bench
April 2, 2017
Make a pet pillow from an old sweater
November 22, 2017
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Pillow: A decoration that changes space

If the seating or bedding set is single-color, with this add-on will get a completely new look

Usually we use pillows for sleeping. And there is nothing unusual, because a good pillow guarantees good sleep and rest, but its potential is much higher. Decorative pads are one of the easiest ways to refresh your living space.

Back to the sixties

Psychodelical patterns on dresses are not really worn, but if you put such a design on the couch, your home will automatically become much more interesting. The patterns that were dominant in the sixties will refresh the living room of neutral shades, and the advantage is that you can combine more prints and colors at once because the neutral base is tolerant!

Rustic and neutral

Stone houses, benches and walls do not like aggressive colors and patterns. Therefore, play with neutral tones like beige, brown and various shades of white to get a place for sitting that will rarely be free. For an additional dose of warmth in the home, put a vase on the flower with a flower.

Red accents

In a neutral colored space, a great choice is red. This color of passion, love and happiness looks great on beige, gray or white background. And when you get bored, you’ll easily change the pillow into another pillow case.

All in the same color

This is an interesting solution for boys’ rooms. Pull the dominant color through the pillow, which you will fit with the other furniture, and the blankets in the same color will only enhance the impression.

Visible seams

Rustic style likes slightly rough texture. Visible seams are one way to incorporate your decorative pads into such an arrangement. The great thing is that you can make this pillow both from the felt and the end for just one rainy afternoon.

Tribal patterns

For the exotic and African at home in the home, combine woven chairs and armchairs with cushioned padded pillowcases. Play on safe combinations of black and white, red and brown …

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